Insomnia Files Issue 01: Videodrome



Greetings my fellow insomniacs. I come to you bringing the gift of a podcast. Not just a podcast but a new podcast. This podcast features the hosts of the Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome podcast. In this podcast we will cover sci fi, old, and just plain wierd movies. This week we covered the David Cronenberg classic, Videodrome.


Intro: Videodrome trailer
Theme song: Track 01 Dark Law: Meaning of Death title music for SNES
Closing song: Mean spirited by Silversun Pickups from the album Neck of the Woods



I’m Havok’Ra and So Can You Part 2: Breast to Breast


I’m Havok’Ra and so can you.

By Justin Stowers @thelast9breaker on


The bottle is tilted upside down almost completely vertical. The normally opaque dark green bottle is illuminated and casts a bright green spectre onto the pale dusty rug below. The muddy green fluid inside gives way to empty space as bubbles of air rise and the potion pours out. Dark leathery fingers attached to a bright orange gauntlet hold the bottle in place suspended in the air above the gaping green maw of Havok’Ra.

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