This is 40 Review

ImageThis is 40 was a very good movie. I was a little suprised that it was more of a serious movie than a comedy. This movie is the sequel to the Judd Apatow movie, Knocked Up. This movie focuses on how messed up the marraige between the two of them is and how messed up their family is. It reaches a climax of how crazy their family is at the party where they celebrate Leslie Mann’s character’s 40th birthday. My favorite part of this movie was the part showcased in the trailer for the movie where the couple is at a hotel and they eat the pot cookie and order a bunch of food. Wheres my starfish? Have you seen my starfish? Anyways here’s my review.


One thought on “This is 40 Review

  1. Lol omg i love this movie it is so hilarious. Yes i totally agree Apatow is awesome. My fave parts were the “lost scenes” as well, when Megan and Leslie were in the car having a girl chat lol and ofc evey scene with McCarthy she kills me

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