Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome: All These Puppies


Just two weeks away from Wrestlemania my first guest, Justin Stowers, joins the podcast. On this week of RAW Big E and Fandango run a train on Chris Jericho. SHIELD strikes again during an interview with Sheamus only to be thwarted by Randy Orton and Big Show.

Zeb Coulter watches as Antonio Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio go at it. Alberto Del Rio finally fights back against the attempts to hurt his friend and manager Ricardo Rodriguez. Triple H announces he is ready for his match with Brock Lesnar ending with Wade Barrett getting kicked in the nuts.

Ryback demonstrates his raw strength by pulling off a double shellshock on 2 of the members of 3MB.

Another irrelevant diva match with an unexpected ending. Justin and me comment on the abundance of shitty quotes by Jerry Lawler.

The main event of the night was a panel of hall of famers doing a Q + A with the superstars in the main event of Wrestlemania, John Cena and The Rock. It leads up to a fantastic ending of The Rock and Cena going at it. Listen to this weeks podcast to hear about all these things and more.

Intro: EXTREME Awkward moment w/ Superfly Jimmy Snuka Р@OpieRadio

Outro: Whats Running Down Cena’s Leg?

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