Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #8: Shades of Benoit


There’s only 6 days left until WrestleMania and we are excited. Justin Stowers joins me again profusing his extreme fandom and love of the legendary Chris Benoit. We talk about CM Punk’s claim that he is going to beat the Undertaker’s record.

Zeb Coulter makes his WWE debut against Alberto Del Rio which turned out to be a trap against Del Rio and his friend Ricardo Rodriguez. We break down Cena’s promo convinced he is going to turn heel. The Rock actually showed up two weeks in a row (I know right?!). An incoherent Marc Maron-esque rambling of the Rock lead up to the inevitable cheap pop if the week.

Chris Jericho faced Antonio Cesaro again this week. Fandango watched as they went at it and rated Jericho’s moves for comical effect.

Another Diva match this week, but wait, it was better than expected. A few lines from Jerry Lawler made me bring up the fact that he is a total pervert. Their escorts, the Rhode Scholars appeared to have switched shirts adding slight homosexual undertones to this weeks RAW.

The main event of the night started with the Undertaker talking trash about CM Punk calling him out for being disrespectful and going too far with stealing the urn. This lead up to an epic segment with mysterious people dressed as druids. Also this week I have a bonus segment at the end. Listen for all of these and more on this weeks episode of Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

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