Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #9: Best in the World

ptrs9 header
After a very subpar Wrestlemania the night before, the crowd in East Ruthersford at Monday Night RAW shocked the world being what could be the greatest crowd of all time. Let’s get it over with, yes, sadly John Cena is WWE champion again. Since The Rock failed to show up tonight Mark Henry challenged John Cena for a title match because that’s what he does. Booker T being the nice guy that he is gave him the match but with the stipulation that he had to beat Cena not just that night but again next week as well.

Big E Langston of NXT fame debuted in his first singles match against Daniel Bryan who is an extremely talented technical wrestler. This was such an amazing match. The moment when Big E clothesline from hell’d Daniel Bryan over the ropes was so incredible. I have high hopes for Big E and I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

Wade “you kicked me in my bollocks mate” Barrett took back his championship he lost the night before to the Mizz. I express my confusion and displeasure with Ric Flair’s passing down of the figure four to him.

Alberto del Rio defeated the real american Jack Swagger in a great match but Dolph Ziggler absolutely stole the show bringing everyone to their feet when his music started playing. He ran in the ring finally cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. After what was still a rough match with Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler came out victorious as the new heavy weight champion. The Undertaker again tried to pay tribute to the Paul Bearer but was unceremoniously interrupted by the Shield coming down from the crowd. They backed off when the Undertaker was joined by Team Hell No.

Of course they couldn’t have a great RAW without having one filler match so they put a bunch of no name wrestlers in a match with 3MB.

Big Show surprised everyone coming out during the Sheamus vs Randy Orton match not letting either one of them off the hook for what happened in their match against the Shield at Wrestlemania. This led to some amazing chants by the crowd confusing the wrestlers in the match. No one was spared from the chanting. Even Michael Cole got some lovin from the crowd.

Chris Jericho finally has turned heel after attacking Fandango during his match against Kofi Kingston. The match between Fandango and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania was awesome but anyone could’ve seen this coming and boy it was great.

Finally what was supposed to be the main event at Wrestlemania Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls defeated the Bella Twins and the Rhode Scholars. Who in the world knows why this was cancelled but it seems like Wrestlemania doesn’t matter to Titan Entertainment anymore.

Lastly the new champion John Cena defeated Mark Henry in a cop out win by countout. After the match Ryback shocked everyone by showing up in the ring and turning heel on Cena shellshocking his brains out. Listen for these things and more on this weeks episode of Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

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