Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #11: Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta


This week RAW was live from London, England. My cohost joined me for this weeks cast. Last nights RAW opened with Triple H attacking Paul Heyman on live TV.

In the first match of the night R-Truth defeated Antonio Cesaro for the second week in a row putting up a great show.

Next Damien Sandow defeated Brodus Clay in an epic match not pulling any punches.

Dolph Ziggler turned the tables and defeated Chris Jericho after Fandango interfered with the match. By defeating Jericho he prevented himself from having to compete in a Fatal Four Way at Extreme Rules but instead a Triple Threat against Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, two amazing technical wrestlers, which will be an exciting match to see.

Tensai defeated Cody Rhodes for his first singles win in some time.

Big E Langston destroyed Zack Ryder winning his  second win in his WWE career.

Next up the Shield defeated Team Hell No and the Undertaker in a match that should have been at Wrestlemania. The Shield flew into London in a helicopter and drove to the stadium in a range rover making for a great introduction for them, showing that WWE is starting to recognize the importance of the Shield.

Fandango defeated William Regal, who has finally returned to RAW and what a place for him to come back.

The last match of the night was a Divas Battle Royale with 5 divas competing to become to number 1 contender for the divas championship. The match ended with AJ Lee winning the match thus becoming the number one contender.

Mick Foley called out Ryback on his complaints that John Cena was never there when he was attacked by the Shield. This led to a great banter between the two. After a healthy dose of shit talking between the two, the Shield attacked slightly teasing who might be the fourth member of the Shield. The show ended with John Cena showing his displeasure in Ryback’s attitude delivering an Attitude Adjustment. Listen for all of these things and more in this weeks episode of Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

Intro: Wrath of Reggie

Outro: Vinnie Paz — Street Wars

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