Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #13


On May 13th RAW was live from Tulsa Oklahoma. My cohost, Mr. Stowers joins me again for another after action debacle on this edition of Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

The night began with a dance off between Chris Jericho and Fahndahngo and their collective partners. After a little chicanery from Summer Rae and a beatdown from Fandango to Jericho it was revealed that Summer Rae faked the injury and could dance all along.

The first match of the night was between Zack Ryder and Ryback. Zack Ryder put up a good fight but he stood no chance against the “Human Wrecking Machine” Ryback.

The next match of the night was between the Prime Time Players and Tons of Funk ending with The Prime Time Players winning for the first time in some time.

After that US Champion Koffee Koffee Kingston went at it against Damien Sandow and won. I felt as if Damien Sandow should’ve won this match and should be getting a push but isn’t.

Next Mark Henry called out Sheamus before attacking the ring announcer. Sheamus came out and returned the beating Mark Henry gave Sheamus last week.

Then Randy Orton faced off against Antonio Cesaro, yet another young talent who needs a push but sadly isn’t getting one. This was an amazing match and show of movesets and athleticism between the two men. Randy Orton won the match after delivering a devastating RKO to Cesaro.

Do I even have to bring up this match? Fine. The Miz (yawn) fought against Heath Slater leading to another boring match. Something I don’t understand is why The Miz is getting a push. I really don’t get either why Rick Flair wanted to pass the torch down to The Miz of all people. I personally would rather see Heath Slater and 3MB win some of their matches than always seeing The Miz horribly win all of his with that cheap imitation of Rick Flair’s move.

Finally the match that I personally can’t get enough of seeing, The Shield face off against the WWE Champion and WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No. This match was simply amazing. Everyone gave 110 percent in this match. You got to see Kane go on a rampage not hesitating at all, going from one move to another. You got to see Daniel Bryan show off his techincal wrestling prowess. And of course you got to see the Shield, which is the best team out there in the WWE bar none. Unfortunately, the Shield was handed their first loss even though it wasnt a clean one mind you.

After that epic match, how could it possibly get any better? Jack Swagger and Big E Langston went at it. This ended very cheaply with Big E Langston being counted out.

Lastly AJ Lee and Natalya fought each other in one of the best divas matches I’ve ever seen. AJ really got to show off her technical wrestling prowess demonstrating the effects of the Black Widow. Of course Natalya could do nothing against this move so she had to tap out.

Finally Triple H put us all to sleep by opening his mouth until Heyman and Brawk Lesnar came out and interrupted his ranting. A bit of shit talking seemed to get to Brock Lesnar and he actually got inside the cage with Trips. Listen to Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome now.

As promised in the show:

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