Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #14


On this weeks cast, my cohost and I talk about Extreme Rules and the following RAW. On May 20th WWE put on a pretty stellar after PPV RAW.

Raw opened with Ryback calling out John Cena to an ambulance match. The first match of the night was between Fandango and Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho and the Miz. Fandango dicked off to go dance with Summer Rae leaving Wade Barrett to face off his two opponents leading in his defeat.

The second match of the night was between Sheamus and Tidus O’Neil who was on the Extreme Rules post show the night before. Tidus O’Neil defeated Sheamus but not before the commentators had to continually point out how athletic Tidus O’Neil is. After that match Paul Heyman revealed his newest client. Drumroll please. That’s right the newest Paul Heyman guy is Curtis Axel the son of the late great Mr. Perfect. I have high hopes for this guy. Of course Haitch had to come out and run his mouth to which Axel called him out on his bullshit. Haitch replied to him defending Heyman by forcing Axel into a match with him later that night.

The third match of the night was between Alberto Del Rio and Big E Langston. Big E Langston wins after a great match between the two.

The next match was between AJ Lee and Layla. After AJ Lee put Layla in the Black Widow, she had no choice but to tap out.

The fifth match of the night was between Zach Ryder and Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes wins the match but after the match Ryback marches down to the ring and shell shocks Zach Ryder and puts him into the ambulance left there earlier that night sending a message to John Cena.

The next match was a poor booking decision on WWE’s part but a great match. Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston face off against the Shield. The Shield win this match in an epic victory.

After a poll earlier Randy Orton is chosen to fight against Jack Swagger. After an RKO from Orton, Swagger gets pinned.

The last match and main event of the night was between Triple H and Heyman’s newest client, Curtis Axel. I’m not crazy about this guy’s name but he definitely proved that he is gonna be someone to watch out for. After Haitch was told not to compete earlier that night of course he does and the match ends with him looking like hes going to pass out from exhaustion. Curtis Axel wins the match by count out. Here’s the show you all love so much, Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

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