Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome #15

On this weeks episode of Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome my cohost joins me in covering the events of RAW on June 3rd.

RAW began with an announcement from the McMahon’s that Triple H was forbidden to participate in his match against Curtis Axel. The first match of the night was between The Shield vs Randy Orton and Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan put on an amazing match but The Shield prevailed again proving why they are the best Tag Team in the brand.

Next the Usos went toe to toe with the Prime Time Players. The Usos defeated the primetime players with Jey Uso having pinned Darren Young.

Alberto and Big E Langston went at it again in a rubber match in a series of 5. Del Rio came out victorious having pinned Big E Langston.

In the next match Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes while Damien Sandow was at Ringside for commentary. After the match Sheamus slapped Sandow in the face, because why not. Before the next match started Daniel Bryan and Ryback had a confrontation back stage promoting the match the between the two later that night.

The match after that was between The Great Khali vs Fandango. Fandango rolled out of the ring and took a count out loss. The Miz tried to force Fandango back into the ring but Wade Barret snuck up behind the Miz and knocked him out setting up the next match of the night.

This next match really proved that WWE does not give a shit about their secondary titles. The Miz defeated Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett again who apparently isn’t allowed to win any non-PPV matches. After that match Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman signed a contract making CM Punk vs Chris Jericho official but not before Chris Jericho turned the contract into a phallic symbol and shoved it into Paul Heyman’s pants.

The match following was a Tag Team match between Kaitlynn and the Funkadactyls vs AJ Lee and the Bella Twins. Kaitlynn and the Funkadactyls won the match because AJ Lee refused to tag in.

The next match of the night was between Daniel Bryan and Ryback. These two superstars put on an amazing match. Daniel Bryan fired off on all cylinders showing how amazing of a wrestler he is from his technical abilities to his flying moves. Ryback disqualified himself by putting Daniel Bryan through a table.

The main event of the night was between Curtis Axel and John Cena in a No-DQ match. The match ended with Ryback spearing Cena through the table Ryback left out earlier. Due to this, Curtis Axel received his third count out victory. I now present you with your podcast. Enjoy.

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