My Opinion of the 2DS


If you haven’t heard yet, Nintendo recently announced that it is going to be releasing a console called the 2DS.

After taking a look at this piece of technology, I noticed a few major flaws this thing has. One; as stated in the name, its 2D not 3D, so from the beginning this feels like a step back from the direction Nintendo was going in from the 3DS. Two; this console cannot fold. This is of astronomical importance because this will prevent users from sticking the console in their pocket therefore making it a handheld console. The 2DS in turn, is therefore not a handheld product but instead something else.

The inability of the 2DS to fold makes it feel like a tablet but it has two small screens as tablets go. Also only one screen is touch enabled. There is no innovation even there. This in turn makes me believe that this is a tech demo for something else they are working on. Or perhaps they truly are backpedaling away from the 3DS and innovation.

I have questioned a lot of Nintendo’s products such as the Wii and the DS, and even the 3DS, but they all have a similar goal in mind which was an attempt at innovation. This seems like rather the opposite as they are not innovating anything but instead going backwards. I honestly don’t understand this product. The 2DS is a very basic, one touch screen DS, with no folding capabilities, and no 3D functionality.

I seriously don’t know who they expect to buy this product but I can’t even see the market they’ve established wanting to buy it. Nintendo, I just have one thing to say to you; innovation, you’re doing it wrong.

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