Punisher: War Zone Reviewed

pwzr_headerimageFresh off of listening to the episode of How Did This Get Made covering Punisher: War Zone, I absolutely had to see this movie.

There were a few things that caught my attention: first the fact that the director didn’t want to direct this movie in the first place; second the fact that the director wanted to make a movie that embraced the b movies of the 80’s; and lastly the fact that the director wanted to make a movie as accurate to the Punisher as possible. And my god, did she ever. Starting off the movie not even 10 minutes in, a man gets his head cut off. This movie is filled to the brim with scenes like this. Its so bloody and I love every moment of it. Frank Castle as Ray Stevenson worked so well. I can’t imagine anyone else who could possibly be a better Punisher (well maybe I could). The main villain in this movie is Jigsaw, who is portrayed by Dominic West. Amazing performances by both of these guys. What I really loved in this movie was how it could go from really serious to gory as fuck in a matter of seconds. If you like bad b movies, comic book movies, or just simply artistic movies; this movie is for you. I give this movie a 9/10.

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