Hell in a Cell Predictions


Think you can predict the matches at Hell in a Cell? Submit your predictions in the comments. The person with the most correct predictions will get their name mentioned in the podcast.

Another month another PPV. Next week is Hell in a Cell. The following are my predictions for the match card:


Curtis Axel vs Big E. Langston

I feel like Curtis Axel is fading out and this match furthers that theory. I am glad however to see Big E. in matches. I am aware that Big E has been in SmackDown matches but that doesn’t count. Curtis Axel wins this match. I don’t see this feud going anywhere.


AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Again? Hopefully this time we will get to see AJ Lee put away Brie quickly instead of another mess of botches of a match like the last time they fought. AJ Lee wins this match. This feud is great as shown by AJ’s pipebomb a few weeks ago. This feud is far from over but I hope AJ can actually fight a competent wrestler like herself.


Rhodes Family vs the Shield vs the Usos

I am very excited to see this match. The Rhodes family and The Shield put on a hell of a match at Night of Champions and adding the Usos to this match will make it even better. I think the Shield will win their titles back but the feud between the Shield and the Rhodes family is far from over. Every single one of these matches are amazing.


Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

As I’ve stated multiple times in the podcast, I really don’t like Cena. He’s really shocked everyone coming back a full 2 months before he was expected to return. I don’t care for either of these two but I fully expect Cena to win this match. This feud will go on for at least another month or two and everyone will hate it.


CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman

This match is going to be absolutely amazing. From the moment it began I absolutely loved the feud between Ryback and CM Punk. Adding in a steel cage to the mix makes it so much better. CM Punk wins this match but this feud is far from over.


Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Two months now and still no champion. The match itself is never that interesting but Big Show coming along to mess everything up is the only entertaining part of the last hour of the PPV. Orton and Bryan don’t work well together. At all. Bryan needs to be going fast the entire match and Orton is very slow. I expect Big Show to show up at the end of the match again and DBry and Orton, who are so sick of Big Show constant interference, will team up against Big Show. After Big Show is out of the picture, Orton will try to RKO Bryan. Bryan will reverse the RKO and put Orton in a No Lock which Orton will have no choice but to tap out.

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