Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome Intro Contest


As I mentioned in the last PTRS, if you can guess any of the intros I played for Justin Stowers, my cohost, that he did not get would win the prize of picking the next intro clip for Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome.

That prize is up for the first person to correctly guess any of the 5 intros that I played on PTRS 20. The second person who correctly guesses any of the remaining 4 intros gets to pick the outro clip to the next Post Traumatic Raw Syndrome. The next 3 people who guess the remaining intros get to each pick one clip which will be played between segments. Everyone who wins a prize will also be mentioned by name on the podcast.

Here are the intros:
Intro 1
Intro 2
Intro 3
Intro 4
Intro 5

The only rule about the clip submission is it must be wrestling related. It does not however need to be from WWE or any brand. Make sure to clarify which intro you are guessing and include a YouTube link to the clip of your choice. Good luck!

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