State of the WWE Championships


Over the course of WWE history, WWE has gone through a ton of different championships eventually leading up to the ones we currently have. Some of these titles are in great shape with high prestige. And on the other hand, some are not in such great shape with very little or no prestige. The first and probably least prestigious would have to be the Intercontinental Championship.

Intercontinental Championship

There is no two ways about it. The current Intercontinental (IC) Championship is very pathetic. Almost every IC Champion loses every non title match. A great example would be the former IC champion, Curtis Axel, who is still fairly new to the WWE. Every single match is in in that did not have the belt on the line he lost while having the title. Even in the tag team match against CM Punk, he technically lost. But it’s not just that. He loses matches on RAW against everyone. I don’t understand why they put a belt on someone who always loses. It’s not just Curtis Axel though.

Wade Barrett, when he was the IC champion, was also treated like trash and lost all of his non title matches despite being a terrific athlete and wrestler. This included a nut shot from COO of WWE, Triple H himself. This really made me feel like WWE as a whole really hated this guy. I don’t think there’s much hope for this title although in the scope of things this is where this belt belongs, at the bottom. Many other titles shouldn’t be where they are. One of those is the Diva’s championship.

Diva’s Championship

The Diva’s championship was born from the original Women’s Championship. Personally I think the original looked better and was more respectable. The problem with the diva’s division is that a vast majority of them are awful wrestlers. I am glad that WWE has decided to put the title on someone who is a competent wrestler instead of someone who is just sexy. I feel like the current feud between AJ Lee and Brie Bella is the line between awful sexy wrestlers (Brie Bella) and competent wrestlers (AJ Lee) who at the same time are very pretty. This title has gone up in status ever since the regins of respectable female wrestlers like Kaitlynn and AJ Lee. As long as the title stays on talent and not sexy the prestige of this title will continue to rise.

US Championship

The prestige of the US Championship is surprisingly high. The likes of John Cena really brought a level of prestige to the title that wasn’t there before. As I’ve said a lot in almost everything I touch, I don’t like John Cena, but the fact is he brings a level of prestige to any title he holds. The leader of the Shield Dean Ambrose also really helped bring the US Champion to at least a level higher than the IC belt. Unfortunately at the same time the US Championship scene gets booked very poorly for example Kofi Kingston gets opportunities all the time for no reason and always loses. I like Kofi Kingston and it saddens me to see him get booked so poorly. Besides that the US Championship appears to be making a comeback with great booking for example Dean Ambrose’s match against Big E Langston. Another division that appears to be making a comeback in a big way is the tag team championship scene.

Tag Team Championship

As we mentioned on the podcast, WWE has made quite an effort to bring back the tag team division with enough decent tag teams now to fit on more than one hand. This movement started with the formation of Team Hell No and the Shield. Team Hell No is no more but from the ashes several great tag teams have emerged, including the Usos, the Rhodes Brothers, Los Matadores, the Real Americans, the Wyatts. Due to the fact that there are way more decent tag teams, there is way more prestige to the Tag Team titles (despite them looking like penny belts). Also for the first time in a while, tag team matches are actually fun to watch. The next title however is not going up, its mostly just staying where it is.

World Heavyweight Championship

The World Heavyweight Championship (WHC) scene as of late has been where the slow big wrestlers go, for example Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. I’m not a huge fan of slow but as long as slow wrestlers exist they should be booked against guys at their own pace. Slow guys should not be booked against fast guys for example Daniel Bryan against Randy Orton or Cena. Bryan deserves to be booked against fast guys like CM Punk. Sadly Bryan is too busy being buried by WWE to get a push ever. As I mentioned before, when Cena has the title a certain amount of prestige to titles. I don’t like it but its true. So it really only makes sense to put the title on him. In a big way the WHC scene has gone down in prestige since the days of Batista but has come up a bit with Alberto Del Rio’s reign with the belt. This belt really has no issues with how its booked but the biggest belt in the WWE definitely does.

WWE Championship

For the highest championship in WWE, a surprisingly high number of wrestlers have attained this title if only for a very short time. This is part of the problem. If the title is going to be prestigious it needs to be less attainable than it currently is. Like I mentioned, the number of wrestlers who have attained this title is very high. Even the Great Khali has had a short title reign. Look at him now. He’s basically a sideshow attraction in the WWE who from time to time gets slotted in tag team matches just for comedic effect. This isn’t the only problem.

Some of the lengths of the WWE Championship are very alarming. A month is one thing, but some wrestlers have gotten the title for a week, a day, or in Daniel Bryan’s case, a matter of minutes. This is not good. I get that WWE is trying to fight someone like Bryan having the title but at the same time they are hurting the championship in the process. They don’t want to have someone like Bryan in the WWE championship seat but what they fail to realize is that they already have had someone like Bryan in that same seat, for 434 days. That’s right, CM Punk. Reigns like CM Punk’s 434 day reign are what the championship needs in able to have the appropriate level of prestige that the WWE championship should have. I recognize that the short length of reigns means that these wrestlers aren’t good champions, but at the same time this does nothing but hurt the championships. If they feel the need to put a belt on someone for instance the Miz, who yes has in fact had a reign with the WWE title. championship, why not put a belt like the IC title on them? This is the only way to keep the title on someone who truly deserves the title.

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