I’m Havok’Ra and So Can You

The following is the first of our new ongoing fan fiction series staring everyone’s favorite addict scoundrel Havok’Ra. Please enjoy.



By Justin Stowers @thelast9breaker on twitter.com

The air is still and cold. The fire in front of us warms us just enough to offer us a moment of comfort in this putrid nord ruin where every step could be my last. I crouch down careful to examine bodies of the dead bandits before us. Before we ambushed them these two bandits were conversing about a dark elf with some kind of golden artifact who planned to open a locked passage to riches.

Judging by the three bedrolls around the fire and the remains of cooked skeevers scattered about these three have been here a few days at least.

I’m here with two minions my housecarl Iona of Riften a white haired nord woman with an intensity and dauntless demeanor who is deserving of the nickname “Warbird of the Rift”. The warm fire opaquely reflects in the shiny bronze surface of Iona’s Dwarven Warblade armor. She carries a single steel sabre and a brutally efficient spiked steel shield. Her face is one of bold features and her gaze is filled with resolve. She is truly the perfect bodyguard.

The second is a half breton-nord girl Zora Fair-Child “Champion of Riverwood”. When one looks at Zora the first thing the eyes will see is her scarred burned face. At first glance it appears to be simple warpaint,upon closer inspection you see the hand print shaped burn engraved into her face for the rest of time. Each crack and scar on her face tells a different story of suffering and betrayal. Yet she smiles,she smiles a smile of self love and happiness for life. I met Zora while searching for a Skooma dealer known to walk from Whiterun to Rorikstead. In the Brittleshin pass enjoying the company of necromancers and skeletons while she sat in her cage and smiled to her small world of contentment.

I don’t know why I talked to her I don’t know why I unlocked her cage but I did. Perhaps it was her eyes perhaps it was guilt. She asked if I was the hero who came to rescue her or just another bandit.

It caught me off guard I even asked myself if I was the hero. It’s been at least a year now since I rescued Zora and befriended the small breton girl with a big sword. I can’t imagine traveling without her now to say the least. Her friendly positive demeanor makes better company than the usual help of brain dead brutes.

She carries a two handed sword forged from skyforge steel and the body of a Spriggan Matron.

I had the best blacksmith in Riften craft her a lightweight custom steel armor to fit her body. She is fond of a scarf she was given as a child and wears it everywhere. Her long blonde hair is usually under her bear shaped backpack she sew herself. She is almost always underestimated by the nord bandits we encounter constantly.

I am Havok’Ra I am the best at what I do. I am the guildmaster of the Riften Thieves guild, an agent of of the Rift Jarl Laila Law-Giver a old bitter stormcloak shrewd. The Jarl of Whiterun Balgruuf the Greater required someone who could quickly and discreetly retrieve a useless nord artifact. Truth be told I find it hard to pay attention when nords are rambling about old wives tells involving dragons and “prophecy”. If dead nords could see the future how did death take them so easily?

I have one rule in life. Coin and power over everything. My overbearing but loving wife Veralene shares this view on life. My master plan is to find my wife a seat at the royal court of Riften.

I am already a Thane but this is not enough she says. I am obliged to agree. I must work to secure her spot as the number one consort and adviser of the Jarl. Sadly such trivial tasks like these are ones I must do to secure that position for her.

Fighting our way up the mountain and into this nord ruin was a simple task thanks to a few well placed poisoned arrows and the help of my minions both human and dwemer. The large cavernous tomb is filled with the sound of howling winds broken up by the tick and hiss of my dwarven spider constructs. The first order of business will be to find this missing third bandit before he can alert this dark elf of our presence.

In my experience when you have an outsider treasure seeker working with bandits he always sleeps far away from the rest in a smaller more secure area usually with a journal of well kept notes.

I reach into the front pouches of my custom fitted An-Xileel armor and pull out 2 dwarven container cubes and extend them out to my dwemer medi spider constructs. In a bright white flash the medi spiders are returned to their containers.

I pull out my bow with my left hand and crouch down as I extend my right hand out behind me and pull down in the air gesturing to Iona and Zora to crouch and be quiet. We make our way into the sole hallway. I look down the dark damp twisted spider web filled hallway before beginning the descent into the unknown. We carefully crouch and move down the hallway quietly the further down we get the louder the howling winds get. “Too many spider webs” I whisper looking back at Iona as she responds with a nod in agreement.

We reach the end of the hallway. It leads into a well lit room with a few sealed coffins and a single burial urn. As I get closer I notice an opened book detailing techniques on sneaking past nord tomb traps. I reach behind me and open my brown fur backpack and place the book inside it and tightly close it back. When I turn around my backpack knocks over the burial urn causing 7 gold pieces to spill out. Both Iona and Zora are frozen in anticipation as they look at me and wait for the fall out of the alarm I most likely raised with who ever is waiting for us down the hallway at the end of the room.

“I meant to do that….honest” I reassure them. Zora laughs as a sort of approval Iona gives a weak smile that quickly fades to a face of concern. I scoop up the gold pieces and drop them in my coin pouch. I look around in an attempt to detect any traps or hidden passages. The room is cold and reeks of death. The room is made of a rough stone built to stand the test of time. Thick vines and roots line the walls and hang from the ceilings. The ground itself is solid stone broken up by moss and roots.A single burning pyre lights the room casting long shadows on everything.

We make our way through the room and venture out into a second hallway. The further in we get the thicker and more abundant the roots get. Atop iron poles formations of wax exist where candles used to be thousands of years ago. The walls and ground are covered with even more moss here. We continue moving down the hallway ascending up the root filled path. As we arrive at the top of the ascending hallway one can see where the tomb has given way to the roots as rubble has filled the room blocking off most of it leaving only a narrow pathway into the next room.

In the room ahead of us I hear someone talking to themselves. I raise my hand behind me letting Zora and Iona know to stop. We all ready our weapons and begin moving forward. I quickly dip the head of my arrow into a poison vial before I bring it up to my bow. Thirty feet in front of me in the middle of this chamber stands a lone nord in front of a lever. I take a deep breath and raise my bow and aim for his neck as I watch him and wait for Iona to be crouched at my side sword and shield ready.

The nord turns to his left and looks at three pillars on the left side of the chamber. He leans down and uses both hands to pull the lever. The chamber is filled with the sound of a hundred arrows hitting the ground as arrows rain from the ceiling down on the nord and he drops to his kneels and falls over dead from the trap he sprung. We cautiously move forward into the room and check the catwalks above us for more bandits.

I pick up one of the arrows on the ground and examine the tip. “A concentrated dose of frost bite venom on every arrow. For a race that prides themselves on honor and bravery the nords sure do love their traps.” I say thinking out loud. “The traps are necessary for keeping out bandit scum such as this one,my thane” Iona interjects. I put my bow onto my back and walk over to the pillars adorned with animal symbols the nord looked at before he died.

I look at the pillars then the animal markings above the locked gate.”Whale…snake….snake”.

“The fool had them in the wrong order!” I exclaim. Zora smiles as she gives a quick clap of approval.

“Just a simple matter of rearranging them into the correct order…” I say to them as I place a hand on each side the first pillar and attempt to move it. I dig my feet into the ground and push forward with all my strength straining and groaning. The pillar is unmoved.

“Okay…no traps on these…Iona rearrange these into snake…snake..whale.” I sit down and lean against the moss covered stone wall as I catch my breath and cough. Iona effortlessly turns the pillars into the proper order as I finish a bottle of black briar mead. Iona helps pull me up to my feet. I wipe my mouth and stand between the gate and the lever as I pull it over with all my might. The sound of a metal crashing is followed by the iron gate rising and giving us access to the next room.

The room we enter is covered in thick spider webs. The stone slate tables are covered in candle wax,embalming tools and old torn linen wraps. Suddenly in the distance we hear screaming. “HEELP ME!IS ANYONE THERE? HELP ME PLEASE!” the voice in the distance pleads. I place a bear trap onto the ground and turn back to Iona and Zora as we begin running towards the screaming “That can only be our missing dark elf.”

We reach the end of the hallway the screaming is coming from the other side of this web wall.

“Iona make us a hole!” Before I finish ordering her, Iona raises her spiked shield and yells a battle cry as she puts her weight into the shield and runs through the spider web wall. Zora follows quickly behind her with her Spriggan sword raised high. I crouch down and follow behind them with my bow raised and ready.

On the other side of the room is a dark elf stuck to a wall in a web cocoon. The dark elf cries out “LOOK OUT”. I shout back “WHAT?” Before I can think a frost bite spider the size of a mammoth drops down from the ceiling in front of me. I start to backpedal and raise my bow but I stumble and land on my tail. All I can think to do is get away and without looking behind me my hands grip at the roots and slick moss on the ground as I push and kick against the ground with my feet and claw at the roots desperate to get away from this monster.

The spider takes a step towards me and pauses to spit a gush of frost bite venom at me. I close my eyes and hold my hands out.”IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?” Iona shouts out. I look through my open fingers in front of my face and see she blocked the venom attack with her shield and is now stabbing the creature in its eyes while zora stands further back and shoots arrows at it.I see my opening and reach into my pouches and pull out two dwarven containers and throw them at the beast.

My dwemer medi spiders jump out of the light and lunge themselves at the behemoth spider and begin shocking the unspeakable creature while Zora and Iona stab and slash the beast.I advance slowly fireing my own poisoned projectiles from my bow. One of my arrows causes the beast to stagger backwards giving Iona the opening to jump off her right foot and lunge forward extending her blade into the head of the beast causing it to collapse immediately kicking up a thick cloud of dust.

I pat Iona on the back and pull out a bottle of mead from my backpack and begin drinking it as I slowly strut over to the dark elf who is now not only at my mercy but must be my audience. The dark elf wastes no time in barking orders at me “LET ME DOWN YOU MUST LET ME GO”. I lock eyes with him as I loudly gulp down the entire bottle of ale before smashing it on the ground. “You’re not exactly in a position to make demands now are you dark elf. Tell me where the ‘dragonstone’ is and I won’t leave you there to die.” I say with an unmistakable swagger and charisma.

“You’re not only bloody drunk you’re bloody crazy I don’t even know what a dragonstone is.” He says in an annoyed voice. I look back at Iona “Cut him loose.” “As you will my thane.” she responds. She slashes through the thick spider web around the dark elf causing him to drop to the ground with a soft thud. As soon as he stands up he runs down the hallway we entered in. The next thing we hear is a loud metal snap followed by a blood curdling scream of agony.

My medi spiders dash towards the scream. We follow right behind the spiders. On the ground clutching his leg as blood spews out every time his heart beats his screams in pain. I pull out a short trench dagger and stab him in the throat killing him as he looks up at me. I return the dagger to my belt and search through his satchel. Fifty gold pieces,his journal,a golden claw,and the dragonstone tablet.

I hold up the dragonstone and examine it.”Looks like we’re done here ladies.” I put the golden claw and dragonstone at the bottom of my backpack and we make our way to the exit to claim my prize from the Jarl of Whiterun.



4 thoughts on “I’m Havok’Ra and So Can You

  1. Wow this was artistically written, i loved it. Iona is totally harcore( awesome) but i just cant help but adore Zora and can’t wait to see more of her. As for Mr. Havok’Ra he is one lucky bastard to have those 2 protecting his skin lol… he is funny though … cant wait for part 2 … soon pls ^_^

  2. this was actually, very well written, and I felt myself plying the first ruin temple of Skyrim. Zora and Lona are pretty much badasses in every way I can think. Havok’Ra is very smart and and keeps his wits about him, but yes, Goku can kick his ass….. IF THEY WERE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE!!!!!

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