Post Traumatic Super Hero Movie Syndrome #3: The Mystery of Batwoman


Another day, another super hero movie. This time I watched The Mystery of Batwoman, another animated movie but not a Bruce Timm joint. Let’s start the show, better not bring yo kids!

The movie starts off with a shot of a truck being driven down a highway. Then out of nowhere, Batwoman flies above mistaken as Batman. One of the men in the truck pulls out a weapon that fires a blast from it missing Batwoman. The blast just barely nicks the Batwing which is flying not far above holding both Batman and Robin. She fires the weapon from a glider similar to the one the Green Goblin uses in the first Spider-Man movie. The truck is run off the road but are saved by the Batwing.

Cut to a scene of a white haired man in a suit with a green shirt, by the name of Rupert Thorne is being escorted through a factory by a black man in a suit, by the name of Mr. Duquene. On the upper level figurines are being made and on the lower level, weapons are being made. He meets up with the penguin who is confused about this new Batwoman.

On television, they are running a special called Batwatch about the new Batwoman. It features the likes of Commissioner Jim Gordon, Detective Harvey Bullock, and also introduces the new character Detective Sonia Alcana. Jim Gordon refutes that Batwoman is affiliated in any way to Batman.

Bruce gets a call from Barbara Gordon, who is now is college, asking about Batwoman. She suspects that she is affiliated with Batman and is a bit jealous. Bruce denies that she has anything to do with her and just barely escapes her by making bad signal noises.

Shift to a scene of a woman, by the name of Dr. Roxanne Ballantine, giving a presentation to a group of disinterested executives at Wayne Enterprises. She gets their attention when she shows that the technology she is showing off can reform metal into different shapes. Of course this catches the attention of Bruce who takes her out to dinner. The dinner is ended abruptly when the Batsignal appears and Bruce has to go. He discovers that the weapon he encountered earlier was a plasma rifle during a meeting as Batman with the police.

With this new discovery Batman decides its time to go to the factory where the rifles are made. He soon realizes that Batwoman is also there who has planted a bomb on the lower level. She tells him that he shouldn’t be there for that reason. They shortly team up to take down some goons. They get away with just enough time before the bomb explodes. Batman follows her and finds himself in the home of Mr. Duquesne.

Later Mr. Duquesene’s daughter goes out to the mall and is followed by Bruce Wayne. He manages to help her escape her bodyguards. After a lengthy car chase they manage to get away from her body guards. She eventually tells Bruce her name is Kathy. Eventually the bodyguards catch up and take her back home. Not long after, Batman confesses to Gordon that he believes that Kathy is Batwoman.

Cut to a scene of Batwoman breaking into an office. Outside she heards Penguin and Rupert Thorne talking. They finally hear the noise but fail to find her before she gets away. Back home, Mr. Dusquesne is angry due to the fact that he believes he is going to be replaced.

Roxanne is talking to Bruce Wayne at Wayne Enterprises when Kathy finds her way inside. Later that night, Kathy and Bruce go out to the Iceberg Lounge but are followed by a squad car with Sonia and Bullock. The date is going fine until Bruce brings up Penguin who just so happens to show up at that point. The Penguin is requested on the phone and has to leave. Not long after Kathy is insulted by a suspicion of Bruce and disappears off to use the ladies room. In Penguin’s office, he is on the phone with a man, who is shown to be Bane. The phone call is interrupted by Batwoman breaking into his office. The floor falls underneath them and they fall into the lounge area. Sonia hears the bang and rushes inside. Just as Sonia gets inside she sees Kathy and realizes that she is not Batwoman. Later Batman meets with Sonia and confirms what she already knows.

Cut to Roxanne meeting with a guy during a visitation at a prison. She tells him that she’s close but he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Batman, being the brilliant detective he is comes to the conclusion that perhaps Roxanne is Batwoman, so he investigates into her. During his investigation he discovers that her fiance is in prison.

Later Penguin meets with Mr. Duquesne introducing him to Bane. Bane being Bane demands control of the operation but Mr. Duquesne is not having it but Penguin convinces him that this is for the best.

Back at the Batcave, Batman realizes that Roxanne was working when the events at Iceberg Lounge occurred. He is flustered until Robin says she couldn’t have been there unless there were two of her. Or maybe more.

Off at some remote location Roxanne is meeting with Batwoman. She removes her cowl to reveal that she is Kathy. Sonia walks in and they begin to discuss a plot against the Penguin.

During an investigation at the home of Mr. Duquesne, Batman realizes that someone introduced the three, Roxanne, Sonia, and Kathy, leading them to work together.

Meanwhile Batwoman, as Kathy, breaks into a boat belonging to the Penguin. Just as she is about to plant a bomb on the main level of the boat, Bane breaks through the wall and captures her. Penguin gets a call from Bane about capturing Batwoman and leaves immediately for the boat bringing with him Mr. Duquesne and Robert Thorne.

At the same time, now that he knows whats going on, Batman confronts Sonia about it all. When Penguin removes Batwoman’s mask, Mr. Duquesne is surprised when he discovers that she is his daughter. Out of nowhere Batman shows up saving Kathy. Pan outside to see the Batboat in the waters nearby holding Robin. Before Batman can stop her, Kathy attaches a bomb on the lower level of the boat.

Nearby, Sonia and Roxanne are flying in on gliders. When they get close the bomb goes off throwing them in the water. Batman soars up to the top of the rubble left of the boat to fight a waiting Bane. At the same time, Kathy dives inside the remainder of the boat to save her father. Robin catches Sonia, who is floating nearby, in the Batboat.

Back to the fight between Batman and Bane, Batman just barely gets away from Bane but not before he gets a shot in on Batman. Nearby Kathy is hanging by the thread of her Batwoman cape. Not a second too soon her father reaches down and saves her from impending death.

Meanwhile the Penguin and Robert Thorne are on a speedboat getting away. Roxanne manages to catch up with the boat and snag it with the batclaw and flip it over leaving the two in the water. Batman throws the device Roxanne showed in the presentation at Wayne Enterprises, ensnaring Bane. The floor underneath Batman collapses but Sonia catches him just in time.

After all that happened, finally the police show up. Bullock is very surprised to see his partner, Sonia wearing the Batwoman costume.

Later on, Batman gives Sonia the evidence he found clearing Roxanne’s fiance, Kevin, of whatever crime he committed. At the end Bruce returns the borrowed car to Kathy.

This was a good Batman movie but surely not the best one I’ve ever seen by far. Of course there’s a great soundtrack in this, that almost goes without saying. Again, I absolutely adore hearing Kevin Conroy as Batman and will never get tired of it. I liked the concept of having 3 people be Batwoman. There was one minor thing that I took issue with. I didn’t like the fact that all 3 Batwomen were on screen a lot with their masks off. I get that they want to make it easy to tell who is who at that point but that also makes it so Penguin knows who they are. We may not see this character ever again but it is an interesting story throughout. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes Batman or animation in general.

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