I’m Havok’Ra and so can you! PART 3

I’m Havok’Ra and so can you.

By Justin Stowers @thelast9breaker on twitter.com



Behind him under the snow is a pile of empty ale bottles. During the night he has spent his time awake on skooma fishing for trout and slaughterfish that he eats raw while he memorizes the Thalmor routine.

Only two nights without sleep. “Who needs sleep when I have skooma” Havok thought to himself. When the sun goes down Iona and Zora are to meet Havok in the rubble south west of the fort. Iona and Zora have been camping and stalking the Thalmor hunting parties. Before Havok was made thane of Riften he spent much of his time in the Thieves Guild working alone for days on end infiltrating and stealing from waterfront properties all over Skyrim.

Havok franticly scribbles down notes into his journal while watching the fort from his camouflaged position on the rocks. As the sun begins to set Havok slowly climbs down from the rocks digging his claws into the cliff face as he slides down the sleek rock. He jumps down and lays on his belly flat. Havok spends the next two hours slowly crawling through the snow on his stomach. Eventually he arrives at the rubble and ducks down under the fallen columns and boulders where he sees Zora and Iona waiting in their snow covered wolf skin cloaks.

Havok reaches into his backpack and pulls out his journal. He begins flipping through the pages as he talks. “At this time of night there will be seven guards on the outside total. Two gate guards,Two longbow archers,and three guards who patrol the perimeter of the fort.”. “The Thalmor have begun recruiting and training goblins somehow my thane.” Iona responds. Iona continues as Havok looks disturbed at the thought of fighting goblins.” The goblins are only used in patrols and raids in the Whiterun and Reach holds as far as I can tell my thane.” says Iona.

Havok looks up and opens his journal to the page with his drawing of a map of the fort. He points to the wooden spiked fortification wall at the west side of the base.“ The rear guard will be posted here. He will have an archer posted at this watch tower right behind the rear gate wall.”. He points to the forge and tables behind the rear gate “Three guards patrol the ground level and walls of the fort.” . He points to the front gate “The front gate guard will also have an archer to his left on the second tower.”

He points to a barrel alongside a wall on the front gate “Last night when the guards had their change of shift I placed a special dwemer sphere construct here that will activate twenty fours hours after I placed it. That will be our distraction. This is how we fight our way in.”. Iona stands up as she questions Havok “How much time will it give us my thane?”. “Enough time to breach the rear gate and for me to eliminate the two archers”

“Oh yes wizard’s were always so kind to me…” says Zora. Havok blinks and looks at her. Iona looks at Zora and back at Havok “My thane she has been doing that….talking to her sword ever since she found it in that bandit cave.” Zora looks annoyed “Do you really expect me to believe you don’t hear the voices either mi lord?” Havok closes his eyes tightly and rubs his face as he speaks “What are the voices saying Zora?”. Zora responds happily “They argue amongst themselves mostly I guess even Dremora brothers fight like well…brothers.”

“Oh but they get along sometimes. Like anytime there are other people around.” Zora says as she draws the cursed blade and grins. The sword engulfs itself in a ethereal hellfire that seems to warp and distort the air around it. She thrusts it straight into the ground melting the ice and snow around it. She makes an evil face and does an impression of a deep voice “You must spill the blood of all mankind we demand it!” “You must spill blood of the innocent!” Zora speaks with a firm version of her normal voice “ but I say No! That is a bad sword! We only kill the bad people not the innocent! I am good girl and you will be good Dremora brothers for me!”

Havok performs an alteration spell onto his legs and looks at Zora and Iona “Keep your evil sword buddies in line we need to do this now before the sphere activates. Iona nods and draws her enchanted lightning sword. The fire disperses as Zora rests the sword onto her shoulder and smiles as she salutes Havok “Ready mi lord! See Iona I’m getting better at not burning myself with the cursed hellfire.” “Well done…” Iona responds.Havok pulls out two small bottles and starts to crawl out from under the rubble “wait until you hear the guards react to my dwemer sphere before running in.” Havok says as he crawls out from under the rubble on his back.

Havok crouches down in the thick white powder of the snow and drinks from the small green bottle and closes his eyes to enjoy it. He relaxes his whole body and feels himself become bouncy and loose. He hears his own heartbeat drown out the howling winds as he curls and uncurls his fingers and toes as his tail flicks wildly.Havok takes a deep breathe and opens his eyes as he drinks the invisibility potion from the other bottle. As he blinks out of sight Havok begins running toward the low wooden wall.

Havok jumps with his alteration spell still active and grabs onto the top of the wooden wall and quickly climbs over landing on his feet. He sees a guard with a spear and shield patrolling the fort grounds. Havok drops down and crawls behind the forge. Havok jumps as high as he can and barely grabs onto the ledge of the watch tower and climbs onto the outer wall of the tower. Havok quickly scampers up the next ledge atop the watch tower where a archer scans the horizon. Suddenly there is a burst of lightning at the front gate as guards begin shouting and fighting the dwemer sphere.

Havok hears the shouts of the thalmor guards as he sneaks up behind the archer who is looking around for more attackers. The rear archer raises her bow and shouts “ TWO STORMCLOAKS COMING FROM THE WEST!” A tall guard with a waraxe in each hand quickly runs down the steps towards the rear gate while a guard with a shield and spear charges at Zora. Iona begins fighting the rear gate guard. Havok pulls out his An-Xileel dagger from behind the small of his back concealed under his backpack. He quietly creeps forward as his invisibility runs out and grabs her from behind causing her to drop her bow struggling with the archer wrestling her to the ground as she kicks and screams. Havok wraps his legs around her waist and holds an arm around her chest as she punches his ribs and bashes her head into his face.

Iona blocks the flurry of rapid strikes from the Thalmor guard with dual waraxes. He screams into her face “TIME TO PUT YOU DOWN LIKE THE NORD DOG YOU ARE BITCH” Iona steps back as he swings at her head with both axes. “Why won’t you die already?!” Zora shouts as she swings her sword at the high elf who easily blocks with his shield. “Ulfric must truly be desperate to send a whore and her ugly sister to die!” says the high elf as he pushes her sword away. “I think I’m going to make my sword very happy today elf!” she says as she jumps to the side of the elf and swings the blazing blade into his back as hard as she can and cuts the elf in half sending a spray of blood everywhere that is sucked into the blade in a red vortex.

The elf archer has her hands around Havok’s neck as she sits on his chest and strangles him. “Did you think you were just going to sneak up on me like some common bandit you disgusting slimy lizard!”Havok kicks and struggles against her to no avail. Havok’s arms fall limp as his vision starts to fade and black out. He struggles to stay awake as he is strangled to death and notices one of his empty ale bottles fell out of his backpack and rolled onto the ground next to him. Thinking quickly he grabs the bottle smashes it onto her head and then stabs the broken bottle into her neck.She screams as he crawls out from under her as she holds her neck and stands up drawing her dagger.

Havok draws his cutlass and slashes her across the throat and drops down onto his knees as she swings her dagger at him and stumbles forward. Havok thrusts his cutlass up into her armpit stabbing over half the blade into her chest as blood gushes out like a red flood. He sits down and and spreads his legs as he pats himself down checking for wounds and coughing while the woman bleeds out with his sword still stuck in her.

“Halt lizard scum!” says a guard covered in eastern glass armor with a ebony battleaxe. Havok looks up horrified and quickly pulls out a small vial and drinks his last invisibility potion. Havok rolls out of the way and scrambles away on his hands and feet as the guard swings his battleaxe at the displaced snow. Havok jumps onto his feet and runs inside the watchtower. The guard chases after Havok swinging his battleaxe at the footprints in the snow.

Iona runs forward holding her shield high as a glass arrow sticks into the shield. With Zora running behind her holding her sword in front of her face. “Get the archer!” Iona barks as she stands her ground and raises her sword and shield to face the front gate guard who slowly walks forward with his shield raised. Zora uses a stoneflesh spell on herself as she runs up the snow covered steps. Iona and the front gate guard lock shields and push each other away.

“Found you lizard!” the guard shouts as he swings his ax into a bed splitting it in half. He furiously kicks the bed and fur out of the way as he screams in frustration. He looks around the room looking for any sign of the trespassing lizard. “I can smell the brandy on your stinking hide lizard.” he says confidently to himself as he swings his ax into the wooden wardrobe sending wood and clothing everywhere as he keeps swinging at the wardrobe over and over again. The elf screams so loud in frustration that everyone hears him all over the fort.

Iona and Zora carefully enter the watchtower. “Havok are you ok?” says Zora as she raises her sword at the sight of the large elf. “Hey slug breath!” shouts Havok. The elf looks around the room. Havok springs out of the chest at the foot of the bed and opens his mouth wide hissing loudly as he spits acid into the elf’s eyes. “MY EYES!” he screams in agony as he drops his ax and covers his face. Zora swings her sword with full force cutting his head off. His body slumps to the ground as his head rolls around the room with an expression of pain. “Are you okay mi lord?” Zora says catching her breath,as her sword draws the blood from the elf’s neck.

“I had it all under control” says Havok as he dusts himself off and crawls out of the chest. “You told us you were going to kill both archers my thane.” Iona says as she plucks glass arrows out of her thigh and arm. “The first archer was a hand full.” he says as he tosses her a health potion. She turns the bottle upside down and gulps it down without breaking eye contact with Havok. Havok pulls out some magic scrolls from his backpack and throws a container down summoning his dwemer spider in a bright flash.

Iona and Zora wait outside the doors to the inside of the fort. “No bad sword! We like Iona she is our friend!” Iona tries not to look at Zora while she talks to her sword. Havok steps out of the fort and closes the door behind him.”Let’s make way to Solitude” Havok says as he puts the container back into his front pouch.

“Would you believe it if I told you mi lord Havok actually saved me once!” Zora laughs as she talks to her sword. They follow behind Havok as they make their way back to Solitude.



2 thoughts on “I’m Havok’Ra and so can you! PART 3

  1. Lol with Zora at the end there, i just love her and Iona. That bit with lizardman and that archer was gruesome, he is quite the resourceful lizard. Great work and keep writing! “Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves; because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be” ― Yaira N

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