Insomnia Files Issue 15: The Stuff


Insomnia Files hit a milestone so we did what we do every week. This week was no exception. We watched the 1985 cult classic, The Stuff. Join us after the jump.



Question of the Week: What person or character would you want to see in place of the protagonist of The Stuff?

Show notes:
This episode brought to you by: Bomberman Chains for iOS
Close song: Go All The Way

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7 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 15: The Stuff

  1. Ugh extremely gross but when u guys were talking how this reminds u of movies like the Blob, the fur coats hiding deformities and the weird names stuffies o.o Mr. Stuff, stuff burnings lol cracked me up. Chocolate Chip Charlie rocks!!! mmm Black Widow.

    • I can’t wait to hear the Cat’s Dont Dance episode.
      Finally you guys are doing that is from the past century AND doesn’t suck.

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