Insomnia Files Issue 19: Re-Animator


We brought the podcast back to life, so we watched Re-Animator. Join us after the eyeball explosions.


Download (right-click save as)

Question of the Week: Who would you want to re-animate or bring back to life?

Minor Character Spotlight:


Show notes:
Break segment: Steven Universe
Close song: Making Breakfast by Twin Peaks
Cover art by: el-roacho

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7 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 19: Re-Animator

  1. a very loose episode I would reanimate myself if i died.
    correction they are not called the pads of life…with all the jobs you two have had over the years you should know that.

  2. I want to revive france’s chance at the world cup.
    What is wrong with you two that you always talk about that law and order show?

  3. hello justin tim insomnia files from turkey
    I love this podcast
    I dont like google I dont trust them
    I turst you podcast I dont trust google in general
    they share private info with governments
    I have a hushmail account for a reason
    i want to be linux user like you
    i have been happy using the tunnel bear
    you should teach me linux
    i hate governments
    i would love to you to talk about linux sometimes
    in my country some firends got arrested to police cause they talk bad things about government in social media
    its not a free land its BULLSHIT democracy but nothing to do with it
    I used tor browser for sometime but slow
    because they banned twitter and youtube in the country
    there was uprising against goverment so goverment hates social media
    thank you from turkey i love podcast and play jagged alliance torrent
    i like jagged alliance no internet needed 🙂

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