Insomnia Files Issue 25: The Brood


Ever wonder if your anger manifests itself into children who kill on your behalf? Look no further than the Brood which we watched this week. Join us after the jump.


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Question of the Week: What is your most terrifying experience with insects?

Show notes:
Break segment: Starcraft review
Close song: Zerg Free Radio

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6 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 25: The Brood

  1. The sand snakes in bubsy for the genesis are the worst.
    I noticed justin likes to ask Tim questions he knows he cant answer

  2. Early podcasts are my favorite kind of podcast.
    Can somebody please tell me who gordon mong is you guys have mentioned him atleast 3 times.
    Is he like a war hero or something?

  3. I hate maggots just looking at them makes me want to puke…man justin is cold blooded he would of hung up on the suicidal grandpa

  4. I was on my best friend’s driveway waiting for him to finish lacing up for epic rollerblade goodness. On the ground was a little green bug. I took my front right wheels and proceeded to steamroller the poor thing. Lost my balance my feet flew out from underneath me and my wrists caught my fall. Broke my right wrist.
    dr hellstrom forever.

  5. My younger brother and I were bored at my uncles summer home so we would kill spiders with computer duster i had nightmares about being killed by all the spiders i killed

  6. In the middle of the night i felt something crawling on me so i jumped out of bed and turn on the lights all the while screaming only to find a huge black centipede trying to kill me

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