Insomnia Files Issue 26: Uncle Buck

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We needed a feel good movie so we watched Uncle Buck. Join us after the jump.

With your hosts,


Also special guest in the second segment,


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Question of the Week: Describe a time when a relative embarrassed you.

Show notes:
Close song: Don’t Say A Word by Ellie Goulding
Break segment: dotflist
Brianna is supporting: Pinups for Pitbulls

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7 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 26: Uncle Buck

  1. My Dad fathered an illegitimate child more than 10 years ago (I am in my twenties now), and I only found out a few years ago. I was the last to be told.I haven’t talked to anyone about this because but I think that internet anonymity allows me some relief

  2. When I was younger, I was obsessed with Native Americans. I told my entire family that I wanted to grow up to be a Native American or a bobcat my family still makes fun of me for it

  3. My mom yelled at me while I was on curse voice in a ranked match
    me and my bro were facing a cait/ad blitz bot of course they got out laned

  4. I really enjoyed this episode. When I was younger my mom told my entire class(without discussing it with me first -_-) that I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone and she would really appreciate it if someone went along with me….thanks for ruining my life once again mom. I strongly agree with you Brianna people should not discriminate just because of a dog’s breed … That really upsets me… I’ve had pits and they are the sweetest. Tim that tick story was gross… It’s a miracle you’re still alive.

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