Insomnia Files Issue 27: Road House


We watched the definitive cult movie, Road House. I wholeheartedly encourage you all to watch this movie. Enjoy the show and see you after the jump.

With your hosts,


Joining us this week,


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Question of the Week:

Show notes:
Break song:Hot Dad Calendar
Break segment: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Turkey Day Collection (XXXI)
Close song: Skyfall 007 remix
Cover image by: mattrobot

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7 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 27: Road House

  1. When Tim hit phillip with the actually I did some back of the envelope research i was like OH SHIIIIIIT SHIT JUST GOT REAL OH SHIT

  2. If I remember correctly from past streams @siegemarine is a raging alcholic leagues player whos a pretty good yi/heimer and @thelast9breaker is a raging caffiene addict i have to say this episode did not disappoint

  3. This podcast makes me miss the leagues stream because justin and siegemarine really bring out the worst in each other lol.
    I live in a small town in Jersey and there was this who guy owned and ran several restaurants in the city. His wife at the timeturned him in for tax evasion among other things while he was in prison his wife mystegriously died in her garage when he got out of prison he remarried immediately and his new wife was able to technically own all of their restaurants lol

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