Beat’s Rhymes and Life.


“This is not just music, Hip-Hop is a way of life”. –Rakim


 Greetings, fellow insomniacs! I would like to start off by giving a huge shout out to the Insomnia Files staff for welcoming me into the Elite Four Avengers media team, and making me an official editor.

Now, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Storm Liversuch, I’m a 20 year old male from a small town in southern Alberta, Canada. I’m currently attending college to achieve a degree in psychology, and like my fellow editors, have a passion for writing and reviewing. I’m also involved in various other sports and hobbies including but not limited to: boxing, swimming, football, and poetry.

So you’re probably wondering just what it is I plan on doing around here. Well, it’s come to my attention people have lost respect for an art form that I hold dearly in my heart.

That this art form has been exploited, degraded and dumbed down to attract simple minded listeners and push sales. While encouraging and promoting what I deem purely insulting. The mainstream media and record companies, along with radio stations, have taken away what was once a voice for the people, and made it “cool” to be ignorant.

Your news feeds, magazines and radio waves have been corrupted. The image of what an artist is supposed to represent has been twisted and poisoned, and consistently thrown in your faces. Hip-Hop, has undoubtedly deviated from its fundamentals.

Rappers sell their creative freedom in exchange for money, becoming a slave to company executives who dictate what kind of sound or content get’s released. This is why all you hear from these so called “artists” has the same theme. Money, sex, drugs, and ego centric lyrics pollute mainstream rap. I’m here to show you what Hip-Hop is supposed to mean.

To show people that real music with heart, soul, passion and love is still being created. Weather you are a diehard Hip-Hop fan or a complete stranger with preconceived notions on the hip-hop culture, “Beat’s Rhymes and Life” has something to offer you.

My objective is to introduce you to another aspect of rap, one you probably didn’t know existed. Every week I’ll discuss a particular artist/album/company/event or something hip-hop related, that I find relevant or enjoyable.

And to share this with you while providing insight on the topics, and bringing perspective. But most importantly sharing with you the records that I personally find dope. I wanna share what has had such a positive impact on my life with the world because I feel that so many people have been shown a very narrow and overwhelmingly one dimensional aspect of this music.

To fully grasp the idea of how vast and diverse the hip hop culture truly is, one must try to imagine it as a large tree.  With multiple branches extending far from the base concept.

Also with deep roots leading back to rock n’ roll and jazz. Throughout the course of our time together I will attempt to shine light on these roots, and bring attention to some obscure branches.

So if you feel like learning something about a severely misunderstood and misrepresented culture, and maybe learning a little bit about yourselves. Let me take you to a place where creativity and innovation THRIVE….

Let me give you a glance into the world of Hip-Hop.

Keep your eye’s peeled for our first official article scheduled for February 6th.

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About theexecutionersdream

Twenty year's young, crazed hip-hop enthusiast, writer, boxer, gamer, college student. My name is Storm and I've come to lead the front line's of real hip-hop against the tyranny of the radio! Keepin it souled out never sold out. You can find me at bringing the realness. Here to satisfy all your Hip-Hop need's.

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