Insomnia Files Issue 30: A Scanner Darkly


Ladies and gentlemen, insomniacs and insomniacs, its the Insomnia Files podcast! This week we come to you somewhat live from the Ghost Planet(t) studios. For the 30th episode we present to you A Scanner Darkly. Enjoy the show after a quick jump from our sponsors.

With your hosts:


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Question of the Week: What moment in Insomnia Files history confused you the most?

Show notes:
Break: Playstation ONE ad
Close song: Palette Swap Ninja-The Viva Pinata song
Cover art:

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6 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 30: A Scanner Darkly

  1. tim sounds like he is having a nervous breakdown when he laughs lol
    im just waiting for the movie that finally puts him over the edge

  2. That was funny when he said FOOORGET IT and kept playing the lose sleep sound.
    I watched Scanners and it made NO sense to me

  3. Did justin shit himself or puke during the podcast why else would you be arguing about hot dogs?
    I was a little lost during 28 days later

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