Insomnia Files Issue 32: Postal


Guns, girls, cults, and Verne Troyer, what else can be said? Thats right insomniacs we watched the infamous Uwe Boll film, Postal. Join us after the jump.


Elite Four Avengers Media Presents

Insomnia Files Issue 32:


With your hosts:


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Question of the Week: What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Show notes:
Break segment: Mott’s Yoo Hoo Chocolate Flavored Drink
Close song by: Every Body Loves A Chubby Dude

Play the game: Postal 2

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7 thoughts on “Insomnia Files Issue 32: Postal

  1. 50 hours a week breakfast meat grill at McDonald’s was the worst thing I’ve ever done.
    I would rather kill myself then work there again and I’ll keep that promise.
    You guys are so wrong this is the best movie ever I watch it like once a month.

  2. Supporting an Ashe.
    But seriously I was hired to work at Kay Jewelers in a mall. The job seemed pretty good because it was above minimum wage and you also got commission. The job I applied for was “salesperson” and I was told during the interview that I’d be trained immediately and on the floor within 2 weeks, so I took the job. For three weeks, I was forced to telemarket people who had bought anything so much as a single piece of jewelry

  3. I applied for a job as a repairman/janitor for an apartment building.
    Upon arrival I had to give the taxi driver my shoes for payment and the guy in charge didn’t even want me there because I “wasn’t cut out for the job. After working there for a week or two HE TRIES TO EAT ME.

  4. I lost it when justin was talking about taking a shit in bidet and halfway through Tim still doesn’t even know what a Bidet is LOL.
    Only Tim would make a case for IEDs being a good thing.

    i know a guy who does and his name is ******* LOL
    Overnight stocker for Walmart. I only left the job a few weeks ago but holy shit, I had never had a manager that made me dread coming into work before that job. Then when sales went down they cut our hours but still expected the same amount of work done (which takes 6 hours AT BEST with 10 people on) management was absolutely awful an they treated us like shit

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