Insomnia Files is a company devoted to finding and preserving cult,sci fi,obscure and just plain weird movies in the world, founded by passionate hosts Tim Stover (“PTRS” podcast,Insomnia Files podcast) & Justin Stowers (Skeletons on the Moon productions,freelance writer and editor).

We create and produce weekly cult cinema podcasts distributed through the web (www.insomniafiles.com) and external digital (iTunes, Zune) platforms. We used to be called podcasters, but now we are considered digital content creators.

The movies we cover are the weirdest and most beloved cult cinema the world has to offer, and that’s no lie. Everything from award winning documentaries like the Hellstrom Chronicle to cult horror love letters like Re-Animator to animation masterpeices like Cat’s Don’t Dance have been featured and made part of the Insomnia Files canon.

Insomnia Files is trying to save the world of cult cinema . We are disrupting several industries with our unique vision for how cult, sci fi,obscure and just plain weird can combine to create something remarkable.

Insomnia Files podcast is produced by Skeletons on the Moon productions.


Editor-at-Large: @TheLast9Breaker

Hip Hop Editor: @n9rull

Official Insomnia Files podcast twitter: @insomnia_files

Elite Four Avengers TV:@Elite4Avengers

Facebook: Insomnia Files on Facebook

We hope you enjoy your visit.


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